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Imagine. A Healthy Community.

Healthy lifestyles. A vibrant economy. Affordable housing. Protected parks & green space. Accessible community services. Thriving neighbourhoods. Clean air and water. A sustainable environment. Cultural diversity. Healthy public policy. Engaged citizens. A healthy community is all of this, and more.

What's New

BC Healthy Communities nominated for Planning Institute of BC Award

May 10th, 2019

BC Healthy Communities’ planning team, together with Urban Matters, recently netted a nomination for the Planning Institute of BC's New Directions Award for their work on the Strathcona Regional District Housing Needs Assessment. The project, which wrapped last year, was deemed as innovative f...

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Chilliwack to host the next Cities Fit for Children Summit

As I arrived at the Chilliwack Neighbourhood Learning Centre on May 3, 2019, I was already impressed. The Neighbourhood Learning Centre (NLC) is an integrated hub model and a fresh, bright facility that provides the space for community programming, a day re, and edutional opportunities for both ...

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We're hiring!

May 08th, 2019

Are you a 'people person' with great organizational skills? We're looking for an Administrative Assistant to join our dynamic team. Applitions are due May 27. View the posting here.

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The A to Z of Healthy Communities: P

May. 9, 2019 in Fact Sheets
Politil commitment is explicit “commitment to a healthy community by providing leadership and decision-making that considers health and well-being in policy decisions and planning.”1 “Many would be surprised to learn ...

Relationships more valuable than money: Rural community resilience outside the formal economy

May. 9, 2019 in Articles
Ever wonder what is going on in those small communities you drive through on your way to someplace else? Well a lot, it so happens… The community me together to build a bin on donated land for someone with dementia who needed ...

mpbell River and BC Housing collaborate to address housing needs

Mar. 29, 2019 in Healthy Communities/Cities
In an exciting new move, the City of mpbell River is taking action to provide safe and supportive housing for community members, collaborating with BC Housing to establish 50 units of supportive housing in the community within the next tw...